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Fencing Contractor of the Quarter - Spring 2015

Found in: Rural

Will Jelbart from Jelcam

Jelcam, situated in the South Gippsland region, has been in business for only two and a half years with Will Jelbart at the helm but already has huge projects under its belt. Possibly its biggest undertaking to date is the participation in the 2nd Stage of the APA Victorian Northern Interconnect Expansion (VNIE) Project, a gas pipeline project over 130 km long. Jelcam made the pipeline accessible for contractors by replacing the existing fencing with temporary fencing. Once the pipeline work was completed, Jelcam secured the pipeline once again with a permanent system to match the original specifications.

Will Jelbart has extensive experience with Southern Wire’s products, especially with wire netting, steel posts, gates and the 3.15 Strongwire, and he is very satisfied with it, “I have had great success with the Southern Wire product. I’m very happy with it and the quality has been great.”

When asked about what he appreciates the most in Southern Wire’s service, he praised the customer-focused and always helpful attitude of Matt O’Sullivan, one of Southern Wire’s Regional Managers, “Matt O’Sullivan is excellent to deal with. He has always given good help and nothing is too much trouble.”

We know Will will enjoy his new Weber Q! We wish many great successes for Will Jelbart and all of our contractors for the following quarters!

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