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Fencing Contractor of the Quarter - Spring 2016

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Contractor of the Quarter Winner - Spring 2016 - Fred Dilley

We are proud to announce Fred Dilley, owner of Winning Post Fencing, as Southern Wire;s Fencing Contractor of the Quarter. Fred is someone who has always been on the land, starting out as a dairy farmer himself. He made the switch into fencing about 11 years ago saying “I get a lot of enjoyment out of fencing, because I know I can look back and see that I’ve achieved something – a great, quality fence.”

Because Fred knows first hand the importance of a good quality fence for farmers, he has “always used Southern Wire from the very beginning”. Fred spends most of his time working alone, straining up fences for dairy, beef and horse farmers in and around Coolup, about 100km south of Perth. For rural fencing, Fred says “I like the strength of the Griplock knot and the way that their Plainwire strains up.” Fred also installs security fencing using Southern Wire chainmesh and posts purchased from his local Landmark store, LP & JA Fryer.

Lately he’s spent time replacing fences damaged by fires that burned through over 58, 000 Ha of land in Yarloop earlier this year. The work is so extensive that Fred has taken on an extra hand to help him install over 30km of Strongwire and barb wire, as well as replacing over 400 timber strainers with Southern Wire Steel Strainer Assemblies.

Whatever he’s working on, Fred knows that he can call on Southern Wire for support, saying “other companies can be really hard to get hold of” but he gets great service with Southern Wire,“Mark will call out of the blue to see how I’m getting along.”

Congratulations, Fred! We hope you enjoy your new Weber BBQ!


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