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Fencing to Last a Lifetime

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Southern Wire FarmFence Premier50 FencingThe FarmFence Premier50 coating is now the most competitive prefabricated fencing product on the market both in quality and manufacturing, as well as in cost and value. The Premier50 coating was originally designed for ocean environments, which are notorious for harsh and volatile conditions, and therefore demanding of a fencing solution that can handle the unpredictable and corrosive climatic conditions, not to mention the expected task of keeping vermin out and stock in. This concept has now been applied to fencing for rural Australia with the advent of the FarmFence Premier50.

Southern Wire introduces a revolutionary new product to the fencing market, set to give farmers and contractors a strong and superior quality fencing option. Suitable for Australian conditions, rural and coastal, FarmFence Premier50 is the ideal choice for boundary fencing that encounters intense pressure from wallabies and kangaroos and safe protection for sheep and cattle. Landowners need a product that they can install and forget about, so they are able to focus on getting their job done. In order for this to happen, they need fencing that does not buckle under pressure, and can withstand continuous exposure to atmospheric conditions and relentless heat and aridity.

In recognising the potential of this product, its important to understand the nature of climate and corrosion on steel, and how farmers should expect their fencing to hold up decades after installation. FarmFence Premier50 possesses a unique coating alloy, combined with an extremely high coating weight, which together enhance the wire’s durability against the elements. The greater the mass of the coating, the longer it takes for the effects of corrosion to reach and damage the wire.

Southern Wire has undertaken independent laboratory testing of FarmFence Premier50. As per Australian Standard AS/NZS 4534:2006, Australia is divided into six regions, Category A through F, representing climatic conditions from alpine regions (Category A) through to the non-coastal tropics (Category F), the harshest of climatic environments. According to laboratory results, in climatic regions Category A, B & C, (alpine areas, arid/urban/rural areas and coastal areas respectively) Premier50’s superior coating is expected to withstand in excess of 50 years: thus the earning of its name Premier50.

Premier50 Laboratory Test Results

It is important for farmers/contractors to assess the potential conditions of their land and determine if there will be factors that affect the longevity of the FarmFence Premier50 coating, such as flood waters, soil moisture, exposure to high winds, or the likelihood the wire will be submerged in water or buried in soil. Southern Wire is available to discuss all these issues, and farmers and contractors are encouraged to contact Southern Wire sales staff, to ensure they are getting the most out of this amazing product and the longest life possible for their fencing.

Southern Wire continue to remain at the vanguard of fencing development, providing a fencing product that not only sells itself in product value, but is priced for today’s market. Using quality materials, Southern Wire’s efficient manufacturing process means that over the life of the fence it is the number one choice for superior quality and cost-effectiveness.

Premier50 is a fencing solution not just for today, but also for years and decades to come. Premier50 has the durability to withstand decades of exposure and supply today’s farmers with a fencing solution that has the potential to outlive them and provide security and reliability not only for themselves, but to the future landowners. 

Featured in FarmWeekly - June 2015
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