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Established in 1993, Southern Wire is a leading Australian-owned and based manufacturer of innovative fencing products. With the focus on manufacturing locally in Australia with quality materials, Southern Wire continues to be at the forefront of fencing developments.

Southern Wire Griplock Fencing

 After thorough research and development the company introduced Griplock Prefabricated Superior Strength Fencing in 1994. National Sales Manager Brenton Moore says the “old ring-joint style knot was unable to meet the needs of farmers, failing under the pressure of stock and vermin”. Identifying the need for a stronger knot, a worldwide search brought the new Griplock Knot to Southern Wire where it is now manufactured locally in Western Australia.

In 2000, Southern Wire introduced Fastlock Prefabricated Fencing after recognising that an easy-to-use knot that maintains strength was needed, whilst still using a one-piece vertical wire. Since success of the Fastlock fence, many cheap imitation copies have been imported. Sales manager Brenton Moore says it’s “now even more important to recognise the quality and workmanship of Australian manufactured product to last in Australian conditions”. Fastlock Prefabricated Fencing is considered ‘first choice’ for contractors.

Tried and tested in the United States and Europe, Reel Easy is an Australian made heavy galvanised wire on wooden spools. Southern Wire introduced this innovative product into Australia as it is guaranteed tangle-free, and easy to use and handle.

Designed by Beacon farmers Geoff and Eddie Munns, the RapidFencer was designed by farmers, for farmers. It is well known that erecting fencing is labour-intensive work that should be mechanised to make the process fast and efficient. Southern Wire is again the vanguard of fencing development and is locally manufacturing the RapidFencer to assist farmers and contractors in erecting Southern Wire fencing safely and efficiently, saving time and money. With minimal effort and labour, up to 6km of fencing can be erected per day.

Southern Wire is looking forward to a productive season, with many property owners now taking on fencing projects previously left on the back burner. With a range of innovative products to choose from, manufactured locally with quality materials, customers know that they are getting an Australian product that is designed for Australians.

Featured in Rural Business Magazine - May 2015
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