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Southern Wire fencing solutions stay stronger for longer

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Smart operators are choosing to invest in fencing that will be stronger for longer. Sue Herbert from WA, calls Southern Wire’s fences “the optimal combination of strength and longevity”.

Griplock Vermin Fencing

Southern Wire has a reputation for creating the strongest fences for farmers who want the best, supported by the latest technology. They are constantly researching new ways to make their fences stand up to Australian conditions. Southern Wire FarmFence and Fastlock were the first on the market to use the superior knot system, proving their commitment to developing the best fencing on the market.

Southern Wire is dedicated to creating quality products that have the strength to withstand intense pressure from vermin and stock. Traditional ring joint fencing just doesn’t have what it takes to stop a roo migration. Southern Wire Griplock stops them in their tracks - 

"I am very impressed with our new fence ... I think we have upset 1000 years of kangaroo migration between feed and a lake we fenced off. They gave the fence a very hard time for the first 24 hours." Paul Martin, NSW

The innovative FarmFence Premier50 fencing is so tough that it will stand up for over 50 years. It is truly next generation fencing that you can pass on to the next generation. Independent lab tests show FarmFence Premier50 will last twice as many endurance hours as any other fence on the market today, making it a cost effective, time saving solution for any project.

 All of Southern Wire’s fences are tough, strain up well, and give you peace of mind that they’ll do the job for the long haul. Spud from Victoria tried kicking the Fastlock fence but it would not be moved.

"I tried as hard as I could to kick the verticals sideways, but couldn’t budge them. The Fastlock fence has also pulled up beautifully and straight, and the fence looked absolutely spot-on!" Greg Francis aka Spud, VIC

 When you are putting up hundreds of kilometres of fencing, you want a fencing roll that is easy to strain up and easy to use. That’s just what Southern Wire fences deliver.

"FarmFence absolutely kills it for straining up and ease of use. The FarmFence really is a fantastic fence!" Bill Guest, VIC

Southern Wire’s product range has a fence for every job. Whether you are fencing a small paddock, or installing an extensive boundary that needs to withstand high pressure, Southern Wire has a product that will deliver the strength you need.

 “We have had a section of the fence finished for five months and it has been under extreme kangaroo pressure due to the ongoing drought and the shortage of feed and water in the area. The Griplock fence hasn't had a single knot slip.” Stephen Tully, QLD

Before you start your next project check out the Southern Wire range here or contact your local reseller.

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