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Scroll down to view the RapidFencer video to see how much time they will save you on your next fencing project!

The Southern Wire RapidFencer™ is designed to assist farmers and fencing contractors to erect Southern Wire fencing in a safe, efficient operation saving time and money.

For 20 years Southern Wire has been supplying fencing products to rural communities across Australia. We often hear that erecting fencing is hard, labour intensive work that needs to be mechanised to make the process quicker and more efficient.

The introduction of the Southern Wire RapidFencer™ has answered that need. With the capability of erecting up to 6km per day with minimal labour, your next fencing project just got a whole lot easier. The RapidFencer™ was innovated by a farmer who has put many hundreds of hours into the design and building of the prototype machine. The RapidFencer™ can be used to erect all prefabricated, barbed wire and plain wire fencing.

  • Easy to Use - Designed by farmers for farmers.

  • Save Time - A two person operation, the RapidFencer™ erects up to 6km per day.

  • Save Money - A proven success. No need for you to spend money making machinery.

Click here to download the RapidFencer brochure.