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Scroll down to view the RapidFencer video to see how much time they will save you on your next fencing project!

The Southern Wire RapidFencer™ is designed to assist farmers and fencing contractors to erect Southern Wire fencing in a safe, efficient operation saving them both time and money.

With the capability of erecting up to 6km per day with minimal labour, your next fencing project just got a whole lot easier! The RapidFencer™ was innovated by a farmer who has put many hundreds of hours into the design and building of the prototype machine.

  • Easy to Use - Designed by farmers for farmers.

  • Save Time - A two person operation, the RapidFencer™ erects up to 6km per day.

  • Save Money - A proven success. No need for you to spend money making machinery.

To find out how you can use the RapidFencer contact Matthew on 1800 627 722 or by emailing [email protected].