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Southern Wire Fastlock is one of the world's best farm fence. Using the revolutionary new square knot to lock high tensile vertical and horizontal wires securely together, this 100% heavy galvanised fence will remain intact through the most difficult terrain, extreme temperatures and heavy stock pressure.

The square knot is a stronger, more compact version of the old ring joint type fencing, which eliminates the annoying ring-ping and moving vertical wires that plague lesser fences. With clean, snag free rolls, Fastlock is easy to use with a knot that can be simply removed with a snip from a pair of pliers.

Fastlock is manufactured to Toughline specification, having a 2.80mm top and bottom wire. These three features make Fastlock a product of choice for farmers and contractors around Australia.

Southern Wire Fastlock provides:

  • Longevity - Manufactured in Australia using high quality, heavy galvanised wire.

  • Strength - Fastlock knot to minimise the risk of the vertical wire slipping.

  • Stability - Single picket wire to provide long-lasting vertical integrity.

  • Durability - 2.80mm top and bottom wires to manage heavy stock pressure.

    Download the Southern Wire Fastlock Brochure - includes fencing wire spacings.

Product Options

7020 6/70/30 Fastlock Roll 200m 70kg
7030 6/90/30 Fastlock Roll 200m 73kg
7105 7/90/30 Fastlock Roll 200m 85kg
7106 7/90/30 Fastlock Roll 500m 212kg
7111 7/90/45 Fastlock Roll 500m 190kg
7035 8/90/15 Fastlock Roll 100m 65kg
7040 8/90/30 Fastlock Roll 200m 90kg