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Griplock is renowned worldwide as being able to withstand pressure that would otherwise destroy hinged joint and ring joint fences. With high tensile line wires and one piece vertical wires joined with the unique fixed knot, Griplock boasts maximum resistance to impact damage. Manufactured using premium quality heavy galvanised wire, you can be assured that your Griplock fence will be "Stronger for Longer".

Griplock is used in areas with significant vermin presence and by discerning landowners who believe in building fences right the first time. Toughline fences have extra strength 2.80mm top and bottom wires.

Southern Wire Griplock provides:

Product Options

6205 5/70/30 Griplock Roll 200m 66kg
6210 5/70/45 Griplock Roll 250m 72kg
6215 5/70/60 Griplock Roll 500m 127kg
6220 6/70/30 Griplock Roll 200m 75kg
6225 6/70/45 Griplock Roll 250m 82kg
6230 6/90/30 Griplock Roll 200m 80kg
6231 6/90/45 Griplock Roll 250m 85kg
6232 6/90/60 Griplock Roll 500m 160kg
6235 8/90/15 Griplock Roll 100m 69kg
6240 8/90/30 Griplock Roll 200m 98kg
6305 7/90/30 Griplock Toughline Roll 200m 94kg
6310 7/90/45 Griplock Toughline Roll 200m 80kg
6315 7/90/60 Griplock Toughline Roll 200m 76kg