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Bike Racks

Southern Wire supply and install galvanised, concrete filled, powder coated or painted bike racks. We provide standard size 50mm NB bent pipe with base plated or in-ground installation options.

Main usage includes:

  • Schools
  • Shopping centres
  • Commercial buildings
  • Train stations
  • Parks
  • Sports and recreational centres
  • Council and Government bodies


With our manufacturing capabilities, we are able to fabricate bike racks to your requirements. Our state of the art facilities allow us to maintain a high level of consistency. This extends throughout each step from handling raw materials to fabrication.

Our facilities are equipped with the latest machinery to ensure all products are manufactured to exact specifications. We guarantee quality at every step from the handling of raw materials to fabrication and protection coating.


We are one of the only companies in Australia to offer complete solutions for our clients. We have over 25 installation teams and the latest on-site machinery to handle projects of any scale. Because we control the manufacturing process, we guarantee our installations will be done to meet all industry standards.

Our experienced supervisors take a project management approach and are on hand to ensure installations are completed with maximum efficiency without any compromises on quality. Your project will be completed on time and within budget.

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Our products are guaranteed to meet strict industry standards. Our professionals work closely with you to establish a strong relationship and exceed specifications. Send us an enquiry today through our online form or call 1800 627 722 for additional details. Our team is always here to provide any assistance. 

Bike Racks - Pearsall Primary School

Bike Racks

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