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Cricket Nets

Southern Wire is an industry leading specialist for the full range of fencing solutions. Our extensive experience extends to all aspects from the manufacture of quality fence products to professional installations. We deliver complete solutions that meet any specific design or construction specifications.

With our manufacturing capacity and experience, we are able to handle projects of any size.

Quality Fencing Products to High Standards

Chain wire is one of the most widely fencing products on the market. This type of fence can be manufactured to meet any site requirements and offers a low maintenance solution once installed. Security can be further increased with the addition of barbed wire at the top.

A full range of options is available from 0.6m to 6m depending on design specifications. The most common is 1.8m with three rows of barbed wire along the top for extra security. We manufacture chain wire in either heavy galvanised or PVC coated wire.

Southern Wire's cricket nets are made to endure all type of impact and weather conditions. This allows a greater intensity for training with an element of safety.

Complete Manufacturing

Our facilities are equipped with the latest machinery to ensure all products are manufactured to exact specifications. This allows us deliver custom variations to any design. To guarantee the integrity of our products, we only use quality materials sourced from leading suppliers.

With complete in-house services, we are able to maintain a level of consistency at every stage from handling raw materials to fabrication and delivery. All components are fabricated in our facilities to exact specifications. Our products are manufactured to the highest quality and guaranteed to meet industry standards.

Proper installations are necessary to maximum functionality and durability.

Professional Installations

We offer complete flexibility with the solutions we offer including options for 'supply only’ and 'supply and install' of fencing. We are one of the only companies in Australia with these options available. With over 25 professional teams and on-site machinery, we are able to carry out installations for any application.

Every project goes through a rigorous quality control process and overseen by experienced supervisors for maximum efficiency. Our machinery allows us to reduce installation time while still maintaining a high standard of quality. You can rest assured that installations will be completed on time and according to budget.

Southern Wire is widely recognised as a leader for complete fencing solutions with an attention to detail that is second to none. Send us an enquiry with our online form or call 1800 627 722 to speak to one of our friendly staff members.

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Cricket Net

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