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Chainmesh Security Fencing

Southern Wire is a well established company specialising in the manufacture and installation of security fencing products. Our extensive industry experience combined with our manufacturing plant allows delivering quality fencing to unmatched standards. Custom variations are available to suit any application.

We work according to specific requirements with no compromises on quality at any step.

Complete Fencing Solutions

Preventing unauthorised access is necessary for industrial and commercial establishments. Fencing offers a secure and highly durable solution to create perimeters around any area. Chain mesh fencing is one of the most widely used security solutions on the market.

Galvanised Chainmesh

PVC Coated Chainmesh


Applications for this type of fencing include:

  • Mine sites
  • Construction sites
  • Sporting fields
  • Factories
  • Airports
  • Compounds
  • Prisons
  • Schools
  • Parking lots
  • Warehouses

Due to its strength and durability, chain mesh offers an excellent medium security option for a range of applications. Barbed wire can also be added at the top to discourage any attempts to breach the fence. Proper installation is required to ensure a strong foundation and maximum durability.

Complete In-House Manufacturing

We manufacture these fences in our facilities with a range of options available from 0.6m to 6m high. The most common specification is 1.8 metres high with three rows of barbed wire installed on the top. This option offers excellent security for numerous industrial and commercial establishments.

To protect the fence from corroding, the mesh is either heavy galvanised or PVC coated wired. This chemical process makes the steel highly resistant to rust, making the steel even more durable in harsh weather conditions.

Our state of the art facilities and rigorous quality control procedures ensure all fencing products are manufactured to meet strict requirements. Only high quality materials are used to guarantee an exceptional finish. Using the latest machinery ensures an unmatched level of consistency.

All components are manufactured in-house to exact specifications.

Professional Installations

Southern Wire remains one of only a few companies in Australia to offer both custom fabrications and installations. We have other 25 professional teams and can work in 2 to 25 man teams depending on site requirements. Supervisors are always on site to ensure maximum efficiency.

We operate with automated machines and powerful drills to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget. Because all components are manufactured in our facilities, we guarantee the fence will fit together seamlessly without any issues. We are able to handle projects of any size.

Regardless of any design or construction requirements, we can deliver a comprehensive solution. Our safety track record is simply unparalleled in the industry and extends to the entire process from handling raw materials to delivering installations.

Southern Wire is an industry leading company for complete security fencing solutions.

All products are guaranteed to meet strict industry standards. Our professionals work closely with you to establish a strong relationship and exceed expectations. Send us an enquiry today through our online form or call 1800 627 722 for additional details. Our team is here to provide assistance.