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Post and Rail Fence

Southern Wire is a leading Australian company for a full range of security fencing products. Our manufacturing facilities combined with our industry experience allows us to deliver complete solutions for individual specifications. It also allows us to offer both 'supply only' or 'supply and install' options.

We have the resources and expertise to handle projects of any size without compromises.

Quality Post and Rail Fences

Post and rail fencing is commonly used for rural areas as a way for property owners to keep livestock within certain boundaries. Unlike chain mesh, this type of fencing offers an attractive and highly durable solution to maintain a secure perimeter. These fences are a lasting investment with a number of configurations available.

The posts and rails can be tailored to fit any project requirements. Premium rural stock fencing can be added for additional security and can be purchased through resellers across Australia.

We supply post and rail fencing that are manufactured in our facilities. To ensure high standards, we only use the highest quality materials in the manufacture of our products. Our advanced machinery produces a level of consistency that is simply unmatched.

Our state of the art facilities allow us to handle the entire process from raw materials to fabrication and delivery. We implement a comprehensive safety policy and regular auditing from internal and external personnel in our manufacturing plant. This allows us to guarantee exceptional quality with all our products.

We understand that fencing requirements vary for each project. With our manufacturing plant, we can fabricate fences to a wide range of custom variations depending on requirements. Our professionals work closely with you to ensure all fencing is manufactured to exact specifications.

Installation Services

Southern Wire is one of the few companies that has both manufacturing and installing capabilities available. We have over 25 professional installation teams and the latest on-site machinery. Every project is professionally managed from start to finish to ensure maximum efficiency at each step.

Regardless of the project scale, we can operate in a small or large team with experienced supervisors to oversee the installation. We complete your project on time and within budget to exceptional standards. We have worked extensively with clients in different industries and can provide a solution to suit your needs.

Efficiency is of utmost importance to ensure installations are completed to high standards and within a designated time frame. With a wealth of industry experience, we are able to accommodate any design and construction requirements. Our level of detail with every aspect is second to none.

Southern Wire has over 20 years of manufacturing experience which gives us an unparalleled advantage in the industry. All fencing products go through an extensive process to guarantee a quality finish that meets strict industry requirements. Our professionals are here to assist with all your fencing requirements.

Use our online form to submit an enquiry or call 1800 627 722 today for an in-depth overview of the comprehensive solutions we offer.