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Smooth, anti-snag edges on both sides of every roll of Rocklink Reinforcing Mesh can make a huge difference to the safety and efficiency of any mine site.

At Southern Wire, a purpose built Rocklink machinery cuts, folds and welds edge wires into strong, smooth-edge half diamonds. Protruding wire ends are eliminated.

This unique feature ensures that Rocklink will not snag or catch on overlapping mesh even when installed in those difficult areas where accessibility is a real problem.

Available in 3.15mm and 4.00mm gauge heavy galvanised wire in 100mm x 100mm diamond mesh and widths up to 4m, Rocklink offers obvious advantages wherever a semi-continuous reinforcing mesh membrane is required.

Installed as curtain mesh on the batter face of pit benches, Rocklink will achieve trajectory control of falling rock and significantly add to worker safety. If included in pit design, Rocklink may allow a reduction in catch berm widths and resultant overburden volumes.