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Experience unrivalled quality and innovation with Southern Wire, Australia's premier family-owned and operated provider of farm and rural fencing solutions since 1993.

Every fencing challenge comes with unique requirements, which is why we've developed a wide range of specialised fencing solutions to meet the specific needs of various applications—from protecting livestock to preserving wildlife and securing property.

Explore our applications and discover how we can help you find the perfect fencing solution.


Feral Animal Exclusion Fencing

Our robust feral animal exclusion fences are designed to provide maximum protection against invasive animals, helping to safeguard your crops and livestock from damage. Ideal for farms, orchards, and conservation areas, these fences offer peace of mind with their durability and effectiveness.

Feral Animal Exclusion Fencing
Southern Wire Horse Fence Laceby Lodge

Equine Fencing

Ensure the safety of your horses with our equine fencing solutions. Built to withstand the specific demands of horse paddocks and race tracks, our fences prevent injury while offering the freedom for horses to roam comfortably within their boundaries.

Equine Fencing
Stock fencing Cattle behind Fastlock

Stock Fencing

Southern Wire's diverse Stock Fencing range is perfect for all your sheep, cattle, lamb, or boundary needs, proudly made here in Australia. Engineered with advanced coatings such as the Premier50, these fences withstand harsh elements, reducing maintenance needs while providing reliable protection for your livestock. Tailored options ensure suitability for your specific requirements, offering peace of mind and longevity.

Stock Fencing
N Brace Gate 6

Conservation & Sanctuary Fencing

Our conservation fencing options are designed to protect endangered species and preserve natural habitats. Whether you're managing a wildlife sanctuary or a protected forest area, Southern Wire provides fencing that meets regulatory standards while minimizing the impact on the environment.

Conservation & Wildlife Sanctuary Fencing
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Rural Fencing in Action

Discover the versatility and efficacy of Southern Wire’s rural fencing solutions through our featured case studies. Each case illustrates our commitment to overcoming unique challenges with customised, reliable fencing systems.

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Featured Fencing Products

At Southern Wire, our products are not just made; they are engineered to provide solutions. Reflecting the diverse applications seen in our case studies, these featured products represent the pinnacle of our innovation and reliability. Explore our tailored solutions designed to meet the specific needs of any project, whether for agriculture, aviation security, or wildlife conservation.

Southern Wire is a Australian family-owned manufacturer specialising in rural and farm fencing products.

Established with a commitment to excellence, Southern Wire prides itself on producing high-quality, innovative farm and rural fencing solutions designed to offer superior lifetime value.

Our rural fencing products are crafted to meet the unique demands of the Australian landscape, ensuring durability and effectiveness across various applications.

With a wealth of experience, our dedicated team is ready to assist with bespoke fence design and product selection to perfectly suit your project needs.

For personalised service and expert advice, contact us today - we’re eager to help you secure your property with the best in Australian-made fencing.