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About Southern Wire

Southern Wire was established in 1993 and is a leading Australian owned and based manufacturer of rural fencing products. From the beginning, our focus has been on quality and innovation, ensuring we offer an unrivalled range of superior farm fencing products and solutions.

Southern Wire successfully introduced a stronger hinged joint fencing, fabricated totally from high tensile wire. This was followed by Griplock, the ‘fixed knot’ fence renowned worldwide for being the strongest pre-fabricated farm fence available on the market. Griplock continues to supersede the older ‘ring knot’ fences, capturing a steadily increasing market share. More recently there’s Fastlock, the new high performance fencing, featuring a new generation ‘square knot’ design for increased strength and safety. Now there’s “FarmFence” the top value fence that is known as the ‘new generation hinged joint’ because it offers outstanding economy plus high tensile, heavily galvanised construction with 1–piece vertical wires and stronger, easier to handle joints.

Southern Wire products have been used to bring many successful projects to completion, ranging in diversity from sheep studs in WA’s Great Southern region to airstrips in the Murchison, from exotic animal enclosures in Malaysia to cattle ranches in North America.

The quality of all Southern Wire products is guaranteed and backed by the full resources of the company, which has close associations with rural Australia.

If you should require additional information, ask your local rural store or Freecall Southern Wire for assistance on 1800 627 722.

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