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Fastlock Vermin

The Southern Wire FarmFence Vermin range is specially engineered to provide the easiest and most effective option for vermin exclusion fencing. Developed in conjunction with landowners and government departments, the FarmFence Vermin is constructed with 'one piece' vertical wires and the strong FarmFence knot to ensure it will withstand pressure from the most determined of animals.

It is also available in some sizes with a hinged footer section that is machine knotted to the base of the fence, offering a fully integrated barrier against kangaroos, wallabies, wombats and wild dogs.

Southern Wire FarmFence Vermin provides:

Product Options

7553 8/115/15 FarmFence Vermin Roll 100m 70kg
7552 8/115/30 FarmFence Vermin Roll 200m 102kg
7551 11/90/15 FarmFence Vermin Roll 100m 75kg
7625 11/90/15 FarmFence Vermin Premier50 Roll 100m 75kg
7551F 11/90/15 FarmFence Vermin with Footer Roll 100m 104kg
7625F 11/90/15 FarmFence Vermin Premier 50 with Footer Roll 100m 104kg
7255 15/150/15 FarmFence Vermin Roll 100m  109kg