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Griplock Exotic

Griplock provides the ultimate in exclusion fencing for exotic animals and vermin. Manufactured with all wires 100% high tensile and heavy galvanised, they combine the best features of strength, corrosion resistance and purpose built design.

Due to the strength and durability, these Griplock fences are commonly specified by government departments for vermin fencing and are also the fence of choice for regional airstrips. With the widest range of high fences available, you can be assured that there will be a Griplock fence to suit your specific application.

Southern Wire Griplock Exotic provides:

  • Longevity - Manufactured in Australia using high quality, heavy galvanised wire.

  • Strength - Super strong Griplock knot that eliminates the risk of the vertical wires slipping.

  • Durability - Able to withstand extreme vermin pressure.

Download the Southern Wire Griplock Exotic Brochure - includes fencing wire spacings.

6406 8/120/15 Griplock Exotic Roll 100m 77kg
6410 8/120/30 Griplock Exotic Roll 200m 108kg
6415 10/110/15 Griplock Exotic Roll 100m 87kg
6435 15/150/15 Griplock Exotic Roll 100m 129kg
6440 15/150/30 Griplock Exotic Roll 200m 187kg
6446 16/180/15 Griplock Exotic, includes 30cm radius apron Roll 250m 364kg
6430 13/190/30 Griplock Exotic Roll 200m 176kg
6445 17/190/15 Griplock Exotic Roll 100m 152kg
6450 17/190/30 Griplock Exotic Roll 200m 217kg
6455 20/240/15 Griplock Exotic Roll 100m 183kg
6460 20/240/30 Griplock Exotic Roll 100m 130kg