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Southern Wire is the original manufacturer of the revolutionary HorseFence in Australia. Used extensively through horse studs and properties across North America and Europe, the Southern Wire HorseFence is renowned as the fence that offers ultimate security and protection for equine property.

The unique knot used to join the high tensile wires is strong enough to withstand animal impact, yet is smooth on both sides, preventing your horse from being injured when rubbing on the fence.

Using the closely spaced 5cm by 10cm openings to prevent horses from stepping through or becoming tangled in the fence, HorseFence is quickly becoming the preferred choice of discerning equine property owners and managers.

Southern Wire HorseFence provides:

  • Longevity - Manufactured in Australia using high quality, heavy galvanised wire.

  • Safety - Compact, smooth knot minimises possibility of injury if horses rub against the fence.

  • Protection - Crimped line wires allows the fence to absorb pressure and reduce injury risk.

  • Peace of Mind - 5cm x 10cm spacing prevents horses becoming tangled in the fence.

    Download the Southern Wire Horsefence Brochure

Product Options

7113 10/90/5 HorseFence Roll 50m 70kg
7117 10/90/5 HorseFence Roll 100m 140kg
7200 13/120/5 HorseFence Roll 50m 90kg
7209 13/120/5 HorseFence Roll 100m 180kg
7205 16/150/5 HorseFence Roll 50m 110kg
7215 19/180/5 HorseFence Roll 50m 130kg