1. Quick Fencer

For rolling out and straining prefabricated fencing.


The RapidFencer allows you to easily handle 3 x 500m rolls of prefabricated stock fencing, rapidly rolling it out and being able to strain the fence at any point along the fenceline using a unique, hydraulically operated clamp - all from the comfort of your skid steer or tractor!

This same clamp is used to hold the mesh tight while you join the next roll of wire or when tying off to a strainer post. The RapidFencer concept has been proven by hundreds of Australian farmers and fencing contractors over the past decade to make fencing fast and easy, eliminating much of the back-breaking work that is generally associated with the task.

The RapidFencer comes standard with Euro Hitch mounting hooks and provision to attach most other hitch types.

  • No more manual heavy lifting.
  • Save on labour and time.
  • Strain fencing from the comfort of your tractor.


Product Options

Code Product Weight
RAPFEN RapidFencer 0kg