3. Fastlock Premier50 Stock Fencing

Prefabricated fence wire for harsh environments. 2.80mm top and bottom wires.

In a world first for the rural industry Southern Wire introduces the Premier50™ coating on its Fastlock™ of prefabricated fencing products.

The Premier50™ coating was developed for the aquaculture industry where it was used in the harshest ocean environments. Southern Wire has taken this technology and applied it to its rural fencing products to ensure that the Fastlock™ Premier50™ is the product choice for farmers across Australia.

When the Fastlock™ Premier50™ is erected it is a very rigid and strong fencing solution designed for high-pressure applications from boundary fencing facing pressure from kangaroos and wallabies, to fencing for cattle and crossbred lambs. Southern Wire’s efficient manufacturing process allows the Fastlock™ Premier50™ to be priced very competitively, providing superior value and cost effectiveness when measured over the life of the fence.

Whether you are fencing for these higher pressure situations or simply want to ensure that you erect the best fence possible the Fastlock™ Premier50™ is the preferred option. You can be confident you have chosen a fence that your children or the future custodians of your land will be thankful for.

Southern Wire Fastlock Premier50 provides:

  • Longevity - Manufactured in Australia using the Premier50 coated wire designed for higher corrosion areas.
  • Strength - FarmFence knot to minimise the risk of the vertical wire slipping.
  • Stability - Single picket wire to provide long-lasting vertical integrity.
  • Durability - 2.80mm top and bottom wires to manage heavy stock pressure.


Product Options

Code Product Weight
7630 5/70/30 Fastlock Premier50 - 500m 161kg
7620 6/70/30 Fastlock Premier50 - 200m 73kg
7621 6/70/30 Fastlock Premier50 - 500m 183kg
7615 6/90/30 Fastlock Premier50 - 200m 78kg
7616 6/90/30 Fastlock Premier50 - 500m 195kg
7602 7/90/45 Fastlock Premier50 - 500m 194kg
7600 7/90/30 Fastlock Premier50 - 200m 87kg
7601 7/90/30 Fastlock Premier50 - 500m 217kg
7605 8/90/30 Fastlock Premier50 - 200m 95kg
7610 8/90/15 Fastlock Premier50 - 100m 63kg
7625 11/90/15 Fastlock Premier50 - 100m 78kg
7625F 11/90/15 Fastlock Premier50 plus 30cm Apron - 100m 100kg
7626F 11/90/15 Fastlock Premier50 plus 30cm Apron - 250m 251kg