80/40 Tubular Strainers

Heavy duty strainer, concreted into the ground.

Heavy duty galvanised strainer assemblies take the effort out of fencing and ensures your fence will be standing for many years to come. The popular 80/40 Tubular Strainer is concreted into the ground at the post and the strut. These strainers are manufactured from heavy duty, medium wall steel, unlike many other brands.


Product Options

Code Product Weight
8605 80/40 Tubular Strainer Assembly - 2.1m post & 2.1m strut 27kg
G80M21C 80mmNB Strainer Post @ 2.1m 19kg
8610 Extra 2.1m Strut & Fitting for 2.1m 80/40 8kg
8611 Extra 3.25m Strut & Fitting for 2.1m 80/40 12kg
8612 80/40 Tubular Strainer Assembly - 2.6m post & 3.25m strut 35kg
G80M26c 80mm Strainer Post @ 2.6m 23kg
8613 Extra 3.25m Strut & Fitting for 2.6m 80/40 12kg