Rapid Posts

Heavy duty galvanised 'clip post' that eliminates the time consuming task of tying wire to the fence post.

Scroll down to view the Rapid Post video to see how much time they will save you on your next fencing project!

To speed up the process of fastening wire to steel posts, Southern Wire has developed the revolutionary Rapid Post. After many years of development and refinement, this post offers superior reliability and ease of use compared to other fence fastening methods on the market.

The heavy weight Rapid Posts are available in both standard profile (2.04kg/m) or EXTRA heavy profile (3.55kg/m) and are hot dipped galvanised after the post has been manufactured to ensure superior longevity. The ends of the posts are precision cut to ensure that the post drives straight into the ground without twisting.

Product Features:

  • Speed - Revolutionary stainless steel clipping system to speed up wire fastening process.
  • Strength - Available in heavy duty (2.04kg/m) and EXTRA heavy duty (3.55kg/m) profile.
  • Consistency - Precision cut ends to prevent the post from twisting as it is driven into the ground.

For more information regarding the Rapid Posts contact Matthew on 1800 627 722 or email him at enquiries@southernwire.com.au.


Product Options

Code Product Weight
8353 165cm Heavy Duty Galvanised RAPID Post - 9 Clip 3.4kg
8354 180cm Heavy Duty Galvanised RAPID Post - 9 Clip 3.7kg
8355 210cm Heavy Duty Galvanised RAPID Post - 10 Clip 4.3kg
8357 230cm Heavy Duty Galvanised RAPID Post - 7 Clip 4.7kg
8358 240cm Heavy Duty Galvanised RAPID Post - 7 Clip 4.9kg
8359 240cm EXTRA Heavy Duty Galvanised RAPID Post - 7 Clip 8.5kg