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Southern Wire Rural Product Guide

 Southern Wire Rural Product Guide

An overview of the Southern Wire range.

Southern Wire FarmFence Brochure

FarmFence Product Brochure

The ultimate fence for strength and value.

 Southern Wire Regional Airstrip Fencing Brochure

Regional Airstrip Fencing

The ultimate fence for control and protection.


Southern Wire FarmFence Vermin Brochure

Fastlock Vermin Brochure

Exclusion fencing for value and efficiency.

Southern Wire Fastlock Brochure

Fastlock Brochure

The fence of choice for value and performance.

Southern Wire Horsefence Brochure

Horsefence Brochure

Equine security and protection.


Southern Wire Griplock Brochure

Griplock Brochure

The ultimate for control and protection.

Southern Wire Griplock Exotic Brochure

Griplock Vermin Brochure

The ultimate in vermin fencing.

Southern Wire Plain Wire Brochure

Plain Wire Premier50 Brochure

Heavy galvanised plainwire including Flexiwire and Strongwire.


Southern Wire Barbed Wire Brochure

Barbed Wire Brochure

High tensile and Iowa.

Southern Wire Posts Brochure

Posts Brochure

Heavy galvanised and black steel post range.







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