2. Post Drivers

Petrol Post Drivers Powered by a Genuine Honda Engine.

Scroll down to enquire about the Titan Petrol Powered Post Driver or to watch the overview video. Both units are readily available in Australia.

Both models of the Titan Petrol Powered Post Driver have the following features.

  • Powered by 35cc, Honda 4-stroke engine.
  • Assembled and Serviced in AUS.
  • 100% self-contained.
  • Comes with tool kit for servicing and a protective storage case.
  • Handles are designed for comfort.
  • Simple recoil pull start with trigger throttle and integrated stop button.

8630 - Powerful and portable light-duty driver for the weekend fencer.

  • 100mm (4’) Barrel - fits over 80NB Post.
  • Adapter sleeves for 25mm (1"), 50mm (2"), and 75mm (3") posts or rods.
  • Weighs 23kg.
  • 1,350 beats-per-minute.

8631 - Powerful and portable commercial driver for the fencing contractor (pictured)

  • 82mm (3¼") barrel. Fits over standard size and extra large steel Y posts.
  • 50mm (2") adapter sleeve included for 25mm (1") to 50mm (2") posts.
  • Weighs 20.5kg.
  • 1,850 beats-per-minute.
  • High-quality sealed bearings and Viton O-rings for long tool life.
  • Internal dampening springs to lessen vibration to the operator.
  • Limited lifetime hammer warranty.


Product Options

Code Product Weight
8630 Titan Honda Powered Post Driver 23kg
8631 Titan Heavy Duty Post Driver Contractor Model 21kg