1. FarmFence Stock Fencing

Square Knot. Heavy Galvanised. All Wires 2.50mm.

FarmFence is manufactured in Australia and is designed for general farming applications.

The strong square knot which locks the vertical and horizontal wires together reduces the risk of the fence wires slipping compared to products like 'ring joint'. FarmFence also has a ‘one piece’ vertical wire meaning it does not need to be clipped to support wires like 'hinged joint'.

All wires are 2.50mm in diameter which makes it a fencing wire that is easier to strain. The wires are coated with 230 grams/sqm of zinc (heavy galvanised) meaning it is far superior to standard galvanised (40 grams/sqm of zinc) options that are in the market.

For extra strength 2.80mm top and bottom wires see the Fastlock Toughline range and for the highest corrosion resistant wire see the Fastlock Premier50 range on page 8.

Farm Fence fencing wire provides:

  • Good Value - Manufactured in Australia using high quality, heavy galvanised wire.
  • Strength - Square knot locks the vertical and horizontal wires to minimise the risk of wires sliding.
  • Stability - One piece vertical wires to provide vertical integrity (support/selvage wires not required).


Product Options

Code Product Weight
7510 5/70/30 FarmFence - 200m 61kg
7509 5/70/30 FarmFence - 500m 152kg
7515 5/70/45 FarmFence - 200m 53kg
7520 6/70/30 FarmFence - 200m 69kg
7522 6/70/30 FarmFence - 500m 173kg
7530 6/90/30 FarmFence - 200m 74kg
7531 6/90/30 FarmFence - 500m 186kg
7505 7/90/30 FarmFence - 200m 83kg
7506 7/90/30 FarmFence - 500m 207kg
7519 7/90/45 FarmFence - 500m 183kg
7508 7/90/60 FarmFence - 500m 174kg
7540 8/90/30 FarmFence - 200m 91kg
7542 8/90/30 FarmFence - 500m 229kg
7535 8/90/15 FarmFence - 100m 61kg
7537 8/90/15 FarmFence - 250m 153kg